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About Hawthorne


On sunny spring days, hawthorn flies flit along the hedgerows and among low bushes; and if there is a good breeze, particularly on exposed upland streams and lakes, very many of these large flies end up on the water. These are the first of the terrestrial insects to cause a worthwhile rise.




Flybox's Expert Tips


Although stillwater trout will sometimes take a 'retrieved' hawthorn fly fished just below the surface, dry fly tactics are usually best when tackling river trout and 'educated' stillwater trout.

 In theory the Hawthorn wet or dry fly  should be used when the natural are out, but this is just not the case. Trout will strike spring to autumn on these.




Country of Origin:


Water Type:

River & Streams




About Bibio


This fly is great as a top dropper or a bob fly.

Bobbing on the surface film, creating a enough of a little wake to attract the fish.


Fly Tying Techniques


Alternative, centre section of body hot orange or claret


Flybox's Expert Tips


Knowing where the fish are likely to be is a key asset on a successful days fishing.




  • Hook : 10 -14
  • Thread : Black
  • Body in three parts : Black seal's fur; with scarlet seal's fur in the middle section
  • Rib : Silver wire or oval
  • Palmered hackle : Black cock
  • Hackle : Black cock, slightly larger


Country of Origin:


Water Type:

Dams & Reservoirs / River & Streams / Still Water